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Accolade & Honors

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No, no; I’m not graduating. And as far as I know, I won’t be graduating soon, or with honors. But, I am working for the Honors College at New Mexico State University! I started there this month, about a week ago. I got the word they were looking for a web designer and a “computer” person, so I applied.

But that’s not really what I’m excited about, although I have enjoyed working there so far :). The fun part of this job is going to be taking what I did for the College of Business and getting to re-vamp (I love that word) everything! When I began working for the College of Business I had plans to create a WordPress theme that would work great with WordPress, represent NMSU and it’s branding well, and serve to the college’s needs. Well, as time went on many of my plans to create such a theme were overthrown by the college’s desire to please administrative concerns (i.e. giving up common sense to eradicate administration’s fear of change) instead of concrete modern-day solutions. Multiply that with heavy time constraint and stressful deadlines and you have a site that isn’t quite how I pictured it. Though, it is pretty good :).

So, as I start to re-vamp the old College of Business WordPress theme into what I am code-naming (just to be as nerdy as possible) “Accolade,” I hope to better reflect my original vision. I also hope this will become a theme anyone within the entire university can use. WordPress is such a powerful content management system. Especially compared to some of the from-scratch stuff I’ve seen come out of the university.

2 thoughts on “Accolade & Honors

  • JohnnyCaraveo 

    You did a great job at the College of Business website, I like the way everything is organized, LOVE the headers(images) you used. Great presentation of information. That makes an efficient website where users can find what they are looking for quickly. Nice Job Aubrey! You are VERY talented.

  • Aubrey Island 

    You’re so nice 😀

    But, I know there are still things it doesn’t do well, but that’s the College’s fault because they want to do something different.

    But, it is a much better website, I think…

    Thanks, Johnny – and remember, I love you!

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