About 2 weeks ago I bought an Apple Watch SE. This is my review/experience so far.

Note that I do not sync things to my watch, as I prefer to play most things directly from my iPhone, just a quick note for the below, as I’m not doing any syncing for Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts.

The Bad

Audiobooks & Podcasts Show Wrong Episode

As you can see I’m listening to The Daily Stoic, but it’s showing Stoicism on Fire!

When I play/pause it plays/pauses whatever is playing on my iPhone, but it shows the wrong thing. Also when you start up e.g. Podcasts on my watch, it starts to autoplay the wrong episode, making where I really was on my iPhone now off-track; e.g. with the above episodes, if I open my watch via the Apps area it will play Stoicism on Fire, even though I was playing an episode on The Daily Stoic.

This same experience on Audiobooks!

I can’t select Genres in Music

So one of my favorite genres of music (when I’m in my car) is Country (from my library), and on my phone I can just select the Country genre and shuffle, but I can’t do this on my watch.

It shows Playlists, Artists, Albums and Songs, no Genre. Not a deal-breaker but I usually listen to my music using Genres when I’m on my iPhone or Mac.


I was able to figure out a way to do this using a Smart Playlist that populates with Country music genre:

I can’t tell it to play one track in Audiobooks

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and one of my favorite features on the phone is the one where you can tell it to stop after the current track finishes. I can’t get this feature when listening to an audiobook on the watch. It will continue to the next track no matter what.

The Crown Sticks

I haven’t really got a lot of benefit out of the workouts yet, but when I play Tennis 🎾 the sweat, the next morning, usually makes the crown stick. I usually have to wash it under water (spinning it under hot water) to get it to work, but having to wash it makes me super nervous too. I know it’s water resistant, but still…

The Good

The Face & Complications

I currently have 8 complication setup:

  1. Your schedule
  2. Reminders
  3. Voice Memos
  4. Music
  5. The date
  6. Battery
  7. Weather

Note, I just tried to take a screenshot of my face using the double button thing….it restarted my watch 😒, so here’s a photo of my hairy arms:

Having my next meeting on my watch has reduced the need for Next Meeting on my Mac. Also seeing how many todo’s I have today is great! The weather is nice to because I have a rule: if it’s below 70, I wear pants lol. So, making this decision everyday is even quicker! Also being able to start voice memos and control my music (usually in my car) is super nice (for the most part).


I just went shopping, and being able to go through my shopping list on my watch/wrist vs. having to pull out my iPhone (an iPhone 8 Plus) is almost the #1 reason I will keep my watch no matter what! But also being able to look through my todos is super nice!

Voice Memos

I’m a pretty forgetful person, or when I have a good idea it’s nice to be able to make an audio note in seconds vs., again, having to pull my iPhone out. Plus, it just works!


Aside from the cool complication I noted above, being able to see my schedule at a glance is super nice. I use it mostly for a quick glance in the morning to see if I have any last-minute morning meetings I need to get to, or when someone asks me if I have time to do something, I don’t have to pull out my iPhone to give a quick answer.

The Design

I love wearing this thing. I wear it all the time, except when I sleep (when I charge it). It’s just the perfect thing to have on my writst, and the default band that came with it is perfect!

The Battery

The battery has been super good. I usually have 30/40% left by the time I go to bed. No problems there (probably don’t need the complication).


Being able to quickly see a notification (that would otherwise buzz in my pocket) at a glance has been super convinient (especially when driving). Also being able to respond to e.g. a text message quickly is also very helpful and convinient.


When the watch is bad, it’s bad. One of the big things that got me to buy this thing was the convienence of controling things when I drive (I like to drive a lot) and so when it doesn’t work I’m usually screwing with my watch and iPhone in my car at the same time and it’s stressful (not to mention dangerous). I want this thing to just work! I feel, if they did, the watch would be perfect!

But, at the same time it’s been super useful and helpful…so I’m very much on the wall about the watch. I probably will keep it, but it will end up being really annoying if I have to whip out my iPhone to listen to a Podcast or Audiobook because the problems above don’t resolve eventually.

I really hope the issues with the things above iron out, because I would really love to love this device more!