Aubrey Portwood

Artweaver, a Photoshop Alternative?

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Today I was doing my every-once-in-a-while search for Photoshop alternatives just to see if there was anything out there nower-days. I got the usual results; Gimp, Paint.NET, and some new web-based editors (not what I was looking for). But, I ran across a product that I ended up downloading and giving a shot, it’s called Artweaver. Upon seeing some of the screenshots, I thought it looked surprisingly like Photoshop. So, I gave it a try- and to my amazement (yes, I was actually expecting things to not work right) it is a good canidate for a Photoshop replacement.

I know a few tools that make Photoshop awesome are missing, but I did download the free version (maybe the full version has those tools), and those tools aren’t absolutely imperative to have; many of the things those tools (blending options, drop shadows, etc) can still be done (I show how you can do a drop shadow in the screencast). I was just amazed at hope familiar it felt and how well it worked. I am going to play around with this one a little bit, and hopefully post a follow-up.