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Bachelors of Individualized Studies

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I’m so surprised I haven’t blogged about this. But before the the Fall 2009 semester had ended, I started working on a new major. The major is a Bachelors of Individualized Studies from the College of Extended Learning here at New Mexico State University.

I had trouble deciding between two majors: Computer Science and Psychology. I know I have blogged about Psychology before, but I never really blogged about my interest. But, a Psychology degree would take a very long time, and upon coming to that, I changed my major to Computer Science. Computer Science isn’t necessarily my field, my field is the Web; mass-media. But, up until now it was the best and closest degree I could get. It also meant three more years in school. So, I was also open to an alternative.

I wish I could remember what made me do it, but I remember bringing up the web-page about a Bachelors of Individualized Studies. I remember also emailing an adviser and explaining my situation. Well, she called me back and said I would be a perfect candidate for the program. This program means I can get a degree in what I do: the web. Also, it is not just the web that I do, I also do the programming side, the writing side, the design side, and the server side. There are a lot of sides to  what I “do.”

The BIS program allows me to take classes in each “side” or field of the Web including law, programming, business, computer technology, computer science, english, communication and even psychology. I can get a degree that shows I have the capacity to work in all the areas associated with the web today.

I have been well into the beginnings of the new degree. I’m currently taking a mass-media law class, an english class (although it really isn’t an english class), a history of mass-media class, and a communications technology class. All of these classes deal closely with the web so far. Well, except for maybe the history class, but I am doing papers on the development of the Internet since the telegraph days.

The BIS program also offers me a reasonable amount of time to finish my degree, three semesters. That’s not bad considering the amount of time I would have to commit getting another traditional degree that did not teach or qualify me in all areas of what I do.

But, yeah, I guess that’s the news… I have tags in my WordPress dashboard that suggests I blogged about this earlier, but I am not going to hunt it down, so if I am just saying this all again, I apologize.