Aubrey Portwood

Being Completely Open

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So, I’m always having this problem of separating my freelance life from my personal life. On the web, I’m a very open person. Openness is a key ingredient in my nature I guess. But, I’m not very open about other facets of my life. Usually, my website is just full of computer-related/web-related things. This hasn’t been a “blog” since it started! I’ve been wanting to transform my website into an all-encompassing expression of me, both personally and professionally. Rather, I want it to be about my content. I write things. I share things because I think sharing is important to our benefit.

So, I’m going to be moving over some of my “hidden” writing about things that aren’t just hacking and tennis. Which may actually constitute a new name for my site. Right now racqnhack is just my username that I use on the web and the Internet. It kind of reflects me, that I play tennis and I hack (the good kind) things. But, I do so many other things. So, who knows, maybe the name of my website will change to.