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Cmd-Z Greenery

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Recently, I talked about being a part of the Cmd-Z (or, New Mexico Studio of Design) class at NMSU. My homework was to find ways to design websites in an environmentally friendly way. Well, the research went well, even though the content of it was really pretty slim. It seems there isn’t much on the web (prominently) about creating “green” websites. This is both a good thing and, possibly, a bad thing for my second class tomorrow. The good news is, I plan on proposing we create that site; the site everyone goes to to find out what they can do to create “green” websites. The bad news is that there isn’t really much research or direction already present on the web.

Apart from most of the web suggesting I present the website in black, there really isn’t much else that is said to do. And so, that means I am coming up with a few ideas of my own. This also means I am going to have to find a way to test and determine that these things help, and create “green” websites.

So, hopefully, the idea will be a promising one when I present it tomorrow. The main idea is to apply as many of these as possible when they really help save energy and blog about it. Blogging about it will at least get the ball rolling and, hopefully, get people aware that things need to be done to ratify the lack of options in web design “greenery.”

I’ve included some notes, Green Friendly Websites.