Aubrey Portwood

College & Karma

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Just a few days ago I arrived in the town I went to college in. It was interesting to observe the wide-range of emotions that come along with arriving as I was intentionally being mindful this time around. As I drove down the main street on campus, there were areas that I bragged about, and locations where I turned my eyes down to the floor and didn’t bring up anything though major events happened there.

In college I did some things I didn’t enjoy, and things I still think back on with a sense of joy and achievement. It’s mixed; me any my college town have a history, and it makes me think on what kind if histories will be built going forward in my life. It’s interesting how these memories re-incarnated upon arriving at a simple town I mostly remember as a place I just went to college. Objects, like certain buildings, places, and people, take on the life of your previous actions as you visit them time and time again. They affect you, though they’re long behind you, and the feelings are just as strong sometimes.

I feel like I saw a glimpse of actual Karma (the Buddhist concept that the reason you are the way you are, is because of past actions), a concept I fundamentally get, but I rarely seems to fully understand or experience.