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Digital Thought Codification

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I’ve been doing some thinking about the different ways I collect and share information. I do a lot of writing (kind of note-taking, but really raw thought collecting). I currently do them in notebooks because I haven’t felt like I can really trust working on a computer/text files for my thought collecting. I dream of doing everything that I can on the computer in a digital workspace. I spend a great deal of time codifying my thoughts, both for myself, and, hopefully, one day when I’m long gone; I’d like people to look back and know how I thought and felt about my life. I know I may really be over-doing this one, but that’s my nature.

I haven’t really ever taken the leap to use my computer for most note-taking and thought-codification. I wonder what would happen to the large collections of text I would build if the format (Microsoft Word/Open Office/Libre Office/Plain Text, etc) became outdated. Notebooks and writing never become outdated. Plus there is always the convenience of a notebook. I have always had problems with running out of battery life too, and sometimes I am not near a computer…

…but, I don’t think that should stop me. I feel like I need to spend more time moving my ‘though-codification’ into the digital world. I plan on blogging my whole process and how I decide to do things and what formats, etc I plan to use using the tag #Digital Thought Codification.