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Do you spend a lot of time doing task management as a Developer?

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I spend a lot of time tracking what I need to do, we’ll call that “task management.” Be it work or play I always spend what I feel is an inappropriate amount of time tracking my tasks, issue trackers, emails, and planning. All my ducks seem to need to be in a row before I actually pull up my text editor and churn out some code.

I was wondering if this is simply just a normal part of being a developer, or if I have OCD.

Let’s just look at the process it took me to patch

  1. When I had the idea, I of course had to add it to my Wunderlist ‘’ and write out my idea
  2. I had to make sure I knew what to do and created a few subtasks: Test it, Patch It, Report it
  3. I pondered whether or not I should also track these as issues on my fork
  4. I decided not to, but if this had been a development project I would have just so that issue is also out there on that repo (maybe a little OCD)
  5. I went through each sub-task and ended up creating a slew of patches
  6. Someone reported that themes would also need to be patched
  7. I spend a couple minutes pondering whether or not I should add that as a sub-task or not
  8. I concluded that the task ‘Plugins should not load when the plugins page is loaded’ had to do with plugins
  9. So, I created ‘Patch so themes are not loaded using _wp_dont_load_functions’ to address that

Now, multiply that times the hundreds of tasks I probably will do this week and you can see the dilemma. #5 is where the work really was done.

Do you spend a lot of time around task-management? Did you? Any tips? Any pills I can take?