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So, I’ve started “Enjifi, a resource for web designers and developers.” About a month ago I started noticing a lot of my posts were getting a large number of hits here on Enethrie. The theme for those posts were mainly tips I shared or hacks I did to get things to work the way I thought they should, like using Vim.

Since Enethrie was meant to be more of a personal weblog, I opted to move my posts to their own site. I’m also working on an advertising strategy and working on new content. I am hoping to turn Enjifi into some kind of money-making venture, since I do put work into sharing things other’s wouldn’t really share. I am considering writing everyday, about something, even just “news that matters to me,” to quote sxephil and seeing where it goes.

But, for Enethrie, hopefully I can focus on more personal things, so my friends (who actually read this) and fans (if I have any) can read a little bit more about me without being bombarded by technical mumbo-jumbo.