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Yesterday, finally, I got the new Facebook messaging. It includes my own email address and I was pretty excited about this for a few reasons:

  • GMail is slow and clunky to use,
  • the conversation view,
  • more personal (not just an email address),
  • and I can do everything ‘communication’ on Facebook.

I’ve only been using the new system for a couple days and have already found one very interesting thing. I emailed someone an attachment and it automatically found her on Facebook, got her real name, and a gave me a link to her profile if I want to add her as a friend. This is way more social than typical email. I really liked this, so much that I decided to forward my personal emails to my new email just to try it out.

Messaging on the new Facebook messaging is pretty simple, just text and attachments (something I really like). I hate getting formatted emails, etc. I just want plain text or an attached video or audio. The simpler and more standard, the better! I also like the conversation view. GMail tries to do this via the subject, but typically I am talking to people about the subject, not the other way around.

But, that being said, support for the messaging system is absent on my phone (where I do most of my communicating). The Facebook app simply does not pull in anything via email (see screenshot). Facebook touch does, but I tried to send a message this morning and I couldn’t; not to mention I couldn’t attach a file. I hope Facebook will update their mobile platforms to support the new messaging system.

All in all I will keep playing around with the idea of using my email for communicating. I think email is going to change. It is becoming more personal and less service oriented. I keep thinking about all those ‘notification’ type emails I get, and how I can’t wait to get rid of them!