Aubrey Portwood

Fall, 2009

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n49002021_31955796_8200586So yesterday I moved back in the dorms. Yeah, dorms. I wanted to stay on campus, I have found it to be a great convenience for someone without a car or a way to get around. But, I have had this uneasy feeling all week, I never pictured being 25 and in the dorms again. It’s not just the dorms though, I never pictured a lot of things the way they are in my life at this moment. 25 was my golden age, I thought I would be on some kind of track to what I wanted.

RGH HallI was shocked to notice I was feeling a lot like all those freshman that moved in yesterday, and I’m 25! And then, there’s the people who just seem to have it all together, they know what they want, everyone supports them, they have the means, dreams, no one’s in their way… I kind-of have lost that feeling, and here I am blatting it out to the public!

But, I start class on Thursday, not sure how I am going to enjoy Computer Science, but I guess I will never know until I find out. I… just… used to be so excited for the semesters to start, and it’s just not there anymore, I’m all burnt out on aspiration.