So today for #5ftf @WebDevStudios I thought I was going to work on fixing a few things on my fork of rhazdon/hugo-theme-hello-friend-ng and work some of them upstream, but I actually decided to use the panr/hugo-theme-hello-friend theme both of them are based on.

So here it is! 🙌🏻 — It’s basically the same thing but a little easier to configure and work on.

Here’s how it looked before:

Here’s how it looked before.

Checkout the source →

Brief Life Update

I also thought this would be a good chance to post something quickly about how things are going lately.


Yes, I’m still working @WebDevStudios, I actually get asked this a lot, but if I have my way I will work here forever! 2020 was a tough year having the girls at home pretty much everyday, doing virtual school, and avoiding the plague called Covid-19.

Covid didn’t really had much of an effect on WebDev, seems like when it kicked in everyone decided to work on their website! We brought in some big names like which was really cool!


So yeah, like I said the girls are no longer in school and most days are spent at swim class at our local pool! It’s been really nice to see the girls playing with kids again now that Covid vaccines are a thing. It’s still hard to get them into e.g. daycare or school but at the very least my oldest will be going to real school vs virtual school, but finding daycare for my youngest is still a little harder due to Covid restrictions still being a thing there.


So I don’t think I mentioned this in any of my last posts, but we moved to Albuquerque New Mexico during Covid so yay! Seriously, we’re so happy we made the move even though moving during Covid was difficult. We love the community here in Albuquerque, our house, being around family, and even the Tennis community out here is awesome! Me and my wife both grew up in New Mexico so we’re glad to be back in the land of enchantment!

New Friends

A few years ago Tom Mcfarlin joined us at WebDevStudios, and I thought to myself:

This guy is gonna be a real jerk.

Just teasin' — (not really) — But in all honestly I’ve developed yet another great friendship with yet another fellow employee at WDS. We spend most days trolling each other, which emits large amounts of joy into our lives; and I’m winning, in case you wanted to know.


I’m also still a Stoic -lol- and right now I’m re-reading Meditations but the annotated edition by Robin Waterfield and it’s now my #1 recommendation for new Stoics and the footnotes alone explain Stoicism very well. It’s been an enlightening read!

I’ve stopped journaling. It’s been a work in development but it just wasn’t doing much for me anymore and I’m giving life a try without it. Instead I’m going to long restrospective walks and doing some deep thinking during those times.

I’m not doing a great job. As a self-proclaimed (I proclaimed it somewhere) bad Stoic, I feel like I need to work harder at being a Stoic. A year ago I had such a great momentum going with my Stoicism but over Covid and late I just haven’t been a great Stoic.

What’s next

  • I’m currently reading The subtle art of not giving a fuck and it’s really been motivating
  • I’m going to keep working on improving my Stoicism and hopefully blogging a bit more about it too
  • Hopefully with the girls in something steady during my 9-5 I will be reducing some of my stress at work
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