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Digital vs.. Analog

I wanted to spend more time on my Digital Thought Codification post from yesterday. I want to re-phrase the words ‘Thought Codification’ to ‘Information Codification & Collecting,’ (ICC, InformationCC, ic2 – this one is funny because it sounds like “I see squared,” which is how this makes me feel sometimes). I’ve been really thinking about the whole process of codifying and collecting information; it’s more than just collecting my thoughts. It’s also taking notes at meetings and journaling. Really, it’s just a matter of whether it is created and/or ends up on the computer or on paper. It’s really important for me to keep my information collected in a place and format that is useful for me. I’ve spent years wishing I had those notebooks from my childhood I kept. Once in a while I will run across a file that had some insight to how I was thinking in the past, and I wished I had kept (codified) more of my thoughts and thinking processes so I can learn more from them. And so, I’ve brought up the issue up because I think a lot of ‘geeks’ struggle with the idea of collecting information only to find their email to be the only useful source for looking back in the past.

What I’m going to do about it.

I’ve decided it’s probably best if I create information on the computer as much as I can. I am going to try keeping a notebook around as a backup, where I can scan (by taking a picture with my phone) the information to be stored on my computer for later. I also thought about formats, in which I’ve decided most of my note-taking is going to be done in Freemind and/or XMind. It’s so easy to brainstorm (which is most of what I do) and take notes using mind-mapping tools. I tend to often think of things in relationships, and so mind-mapping software ended up being the perfect tool for it. P.S. I discovered that the .xmind format is a ZIP file with an XML file inside of it, so that’s good news on the compatibility front.

Printing & Information Collections

I also thought about physical collections. I don’t just want all my information on the computer, I also want it to be in a physical, tangible and analog backup collection. Since I decided to keep a notebook around as a backup, I won’t have to print any collecting that goes into the notebooks, so I was trying to find ways to bind the notebooks and printed content together (think folders, but think prettier). I haven’t really come up with a perfect solution yet. I want something not complicated but also works well and is presentable (to be continued…)

I will continue to post updates on my new organization of my information using the tag #Digital Thought Codification.