Aubrey Portwood

Not using Ubuntu 10.04

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I haven’t been using the Ubuntu 10.04 installation I did lately In fact, I’m quite glad I did it the way I did it. I dual booted it and dedicated a week to using it. Let me go over the main reasons I failed to convert to Ubuntu, yet again.

  1. The main reason, it’s slow and sluggish, pretty much all the time.
  2. It took up too much space on my netbook (visually).
  3. Chrome kept crashing.
  4. Flash kept crashing, and was slow and sluggish.
  5. It took almost 30 seconds to resume from sleep.
  6. It won’t uninstall!

As you can see, this includes many of the same reasons I have quit using Ubuntu before. Mainly, it’s about speed and good graphic design. I just can’t stand how slow it can become, even with 2gb of ram. It’s also not giving me the option to remove it, gparted does not like resizing my partitions back. So, I may have to look forward to re-installing Windows again, which might keep me away forever! j/k