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31.0 Trevor Hall

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I’m super pumped to release the latest version of my site (which is always changing!).

I’ve included a few screenshots, because I’m sure things will change. The theme is a child theme based on my favorite theme Publish by Konstantin Kovshenin.

It features a Twitter-like mast head I’ve always admired and my favorite WordPress wallpaper which I’ve been using in most of my profiles. The main menu has been given a little more focus with a border, categories in the sidebar are easier to follow with a border too, the edges of everything have been rounded some, and it’s a bit wider.

I’ve also decided to start a new repo for my site using Mark Jaquith’s WordPress Skeleton which should always be on Github now. I’ve marked this version as 31.0 Trevor Hall.

I’ve also decided to let versions [of my site, not this theme] follow my age, so I’m 31, so starting in October this year I’ll move to 32.0. Names will also follow my favorite music at the time, so that will act as a good log of my tastes in music as things progress so that should be fun.

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall just started popping up in my Spotify and I was totally hooked. You’re really surprised to hear him sing once you see him, it’s almost like his voice shouldn’t be coming from a dreaded skinny guy. His music is relaxing, inspiring, and very alternative. Soon after listening to his music on repeat, I started to look into him more.

His recent music is inspired by some of his recent travels to India, and for the past few years I’ve been really connecting with Buddhism and eastern religions and so I gravitated to his lyrics and story. I consider myself a multi-religious person and Trevor seems to be as well, very open, very grey, very accepting.

His more tame stuff is the best, I think, but he has a wide range of music. Lime tree is one of my other favorite songs. He also has this funny duet with his sister you can check out too, he’s a pretty good freestyler.

Add Show / Hide Hidden Files Menu in OS X

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Finder View of Hidden Files

If you’re like me you work with those (dot) folders and files quite often, but don’t really enjoy the clutter. Plus, you’re probably going to mess with them in Terminal most of the time.

We can use Automator (an app build into your Mac) to create a new Service and add Run Shell Script with the following code (make sure and save it) that will add a Menu item to the application’s menu (right next to the Apple logo). Just navigate to Services sub-menu.

Automator Setup

Where it's located when you save...

You can also add a quick Keyboard Shortcut to it by going to your Keyboard Preferences > Shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut

My experience working at home for the first few weeks

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Reblogged from: My experience working at home for the first few weeks@4dads1blog

It’s been about sixteen weeks since my new roommate, my daughter Lexie, moved in. It took about a day to realize that day care in one of the livable cities, Scottsdale, wasn’t going to be an option. Everyone works in our family, so we were faced with trying to solve a dilemma. How do avoid day care, work, and take care of a new baby. The solution ended up being that her mom would work at home two days a week and I would work at home three. This way we could avoid expensive day care and spend more time with our little one.

Luckily for the both of us we had working environments that supported the transition. I write code all day while she answers emails and phone calls, all of which could be done at home. So, it’s been about three weeks in, and so far here’s what it’s been like.

Effin’ Monkeys & Rangers

Baby watches Power RangerI started off thinking that all the grunting and whimpering Lexie would do would not be a problem, and it wasn’t. But, throughout the day I could see her getting bored. The grunting and crying would increase and then I found a magic bullet…TV. I figured out that she would actually watch and listen to anything coming from the TV like the rest of us. It soon became routine to pull up Curious George on the tube and let her be per-occupied with all the monkey sounds.

…until it started getting on my freakin’ nerves. For some reason a grunting baby doesn’t bother me, but the sound of a menacing monkey, who really isn’t that bright, started to drive me up the wall. It soon was replaced with Power Rangers, which she also found very amusing.

…until I realized new things about the show I didn’t before. Yeah, I guess my inquisitive nature was kicking in because all of a sudden I was thinking, “Why was the yellow ranger Asian, coincidence? Why does the Black Ranger break dance, was that necessary?” As a kid it was simple, people in colored suits kicking adult butt! So… it was distracting me to say the least.

Entertaining the baby had begun to lead to distractions for me. But, all was not lost. All hail the mighty iPad! I figured out I could set up the iPad in the crib with Lexie and she was equally entertained by the crazy monkey (and even music). Now thinking about it, I think it may have lead to her successes in rolling over (she’d lay on her side to veg out).


If you want to get anything done hanging out with a infant who can’t even figure out that those are her feet, you have to have a routine. Two naps. Two feedings. Play with a toy for at least two hours. Swing right before nap time. And, making sure you’re present at least every once in a while.

Right! Me and Lexie’s routine took a few days to develop, but I always try and remain consistent. As long as it’s consistent, I can’t say I’ve had anything to complain about. I also had to make sure I paid attention to her once in a while. A quick “Hey baby, soaked that toy with all your spit yet?” helped let her know her dad wasn’t just ignoring her.

Too Much Sleep = You’re a Dumbass

The one thing that’s super hard to not do is let her sleep too much. The nap time is the best time to get things done, and I’ve been far too tempted to let her just sleep. But…that kind of plan is going to kick you in the ass later…about eight hours later when she’s ready to party at about 3 am! Again, going back to the routine, I have to make sure she has some engaging things to do throughout the day so she doesn’t just fall asleep.

But, believe me, you’ll be tempted…and you will pay for it.


This is an addon to routines. Morning, when you’re the one staying home, are essential. You must get breakfast because as soon as your friend who kisses you leaves it’s all about work and, as we discussed, routine. You might not get that breakfast or coffee you need in the AM!


Lexie is a sweetheart. She rarely cries and only uses it to clue you into things like, “Dad I think I peed, I’m not sure, but please check it’s driving me nuts!” Or, “Dad, I’m starving. I’d get it myself, but that’s pretty much impossible…please feed me!” Sometimes I get the occasional, “I don’t like this spot! Or that one! Nope, I want to sit up!”

But, really, she’s a really good kid and not fussy for the most part (she’s just chillin’ in her bopie right now). That’s just blind luck! You’ll need some of that too!

Nginx and Post Preview (Preview Changes) not working [DigitalOcean/Fix]

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Recently I have been experiencing an issue with Preview Changes not working in WordPress on a Nginx VPS over at DigitalOcean. I use a few common config files from nginx-common-config. Before, the configuration did not fix the problem, but after it did. Thanks to the /VVV guys for a configuration that solved the problem.

To fix you can just clone down nginx-common-config and include the nginx.wp.conf file.

How to create a stroke around a number with CSS

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I recently had to find out how to do this while working on a site a couple weeks ago and thought I’d share. So, what we’re making is this.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.25.07 PM


From the above HTML you can see we first create three layers:

  1. a background (black solid background with rounded corners)
  2. a stroke (a white circle)
  3. another inner-circle with a number in it (black circle inside of the white one


There are essentially three layers here. The background is an obvious one. The stroke is a white background <div> that is made into a circle with border-radius and some padding. This allows us to fit the inner circle (also a <div> made into a circle)  into the previous white circle which creates the illusion of a stroke with some padding. So, black square, white circle (with padding), black circle.

You can fiddle with this.

Do you spend a lot of time doing task management as a Developer?

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I spend a lot of time tracking what I need to do, we’ll call that “task management.” Be it work or play I always spend what I feel is an inappropriate amount of time tracking my tasks, issue trackers, emails, and planning. All my ducks seem to need to be in a row before I actually pull up my text editor and churn out some code.

I was wondering if this is simply just a normal part of being a developer, or if I have OCD.

Let’s just look at the process it took me to patch

  1. When I had the idea, I of course had to add it to my Wunderlist ‘’ and write out my idea
  2. I had to make sure I knew what to do and created a few subtasks: Test it, Patch It, Report it
  3. I pondered whether or not I should also track these as issues on my fork
  4. I decided not to, but if this had been a development project I would have just so that issue is also out there on that repo (maybe a little OCD)
  5. I went through each sub-task and ended up creating a slew of patches
  6. Someone reported that themes would also need to be patched
  7. I spend a couple minutes pondering whether or not I should add that as a sub-task or not
  8. I concluded that the task ‘Plugins should not load when the plugins page is loaded’ had to do with plugins
  9. So, I created ‘Patch so themes are not loaded using _wp_dont_load_functions’ to address that

Now, multiply that times the hundreds of tasks I probably will do this week and you can see the dilemma. #5 is where the work really was done.

Do you spend a lot of time around task-management? Did you? Any tips? Any pills I can take?

Copy & Paste not working in iTerm2 using Vim and system keyboard? [Fix]


See ‘Edit: Use both!’ below.

I recently started using Vim (or MacVim) in my terminal instead of letting MacVim open in a new window. The reason was that when I’d exit via :q I would not exit to the terminal, where I could then git status then edit another file. I just wanted to stick to the terminal window.

So, first off I started using MacVim instead of Vim. I know this sounds confusing, but if you run Vim via vim file.php, you are missing out on some cool MacVim stuff. To run MacVim in the terminal (doesn’t open a new window) use mvim -v which runs it in the terminal. So, when you exit using :q you return to the prompt. Dandy.

Now, once I did this I was immensely annoyed. Using Command-c in iTerm2 was not working, it would not copy to the system keyboard. I also have set clipboard=unnamed set in my .vimrc so a yy should copy a line directly to my system clipboard, but no.

After an hour of digging, I found the culprit. You see, I also use set mouse=a in my .vimrc, this allows me to put the cursor where I want in the terminal.

Placing my cursor anywhere in Vim

Now this behavior is only available because the option Enable xterm mouse reporting in your profile is enabled. I found that disabling this option disables the set mouse=a option (you can’t move the cursor around using the mouse), but it does allow you to use Command-c and Command-p reliably (in my case goes to system clipboard).

The iTerm Option that disabled copy and paste in Vim

I should be more ninja-like and stop using my mouse cursor to do the talking in my terminal anyways, so disabling it didn’t bother me that much and let me use MacVim more comfortably with my clipboard. I hope this helps someone, it was super-annoying and wasn’t easy to figure out.

Edit: Use both!

Note, minutes after posting this I was also able to retain my set mouse=a behavior and get Copy/Paste behavior to act as expected. This was done by enabling Use modern parser (experimental) in iTerm2, which allowed me to also enable Enable xterm mouse reporting and my yy‘s copied to my system clipboard.


Plugins shouldn’t load on the Plugins page in WordPress

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I had a thought today, wondering if plugins actually did load on the plugins page in WordPress. If they do, I don’t think they should! Plugins should always be manageable from the WordPress Admin. Yeah, maybe a plugin breaks a few admin pages, but it shouldn’t, at least, break the plugins page, that way it can be navigated to manually, and plugins can be deactivated, managed, etc.

Same for themes. I’m going to do some investigating.