Hi 👋 I am a Senior WordPress Developer @WebDevStudios and a modern-day Stoic on the hunt for the good life. If you want to learn more about me, checkout the links in the menu or any of the blogs below.

De-centralizing my system configurations: dotfiles

Note, I’ve entirely ditched this system and opted for a new one I will post about later. Today I did some experimenting. You see my system is entirely customized to be super-efficient and automated.

As you can see I currently have these housed in a giant Git repository in my ~/.config/. This has worked out just fine for a while, but I wanted to experiment with trying to de-centralize it with some kind of package management.

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Hello World

Today I had a lot of fun building a new site for aubreypwd.com using Hugo and Github Pages. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on a website, let alone write content for one. In fact, I used to have a pretty nice site, but I never kept up with it, and eventually just redirected it to Twitter. I also tried out write.as to try and publish content, but I found I didn’t really use it a lot.
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Better words for stoic virtues

This article was moved from thebadstoic.com, which may no longer be active. Traditionally, the words for the four primary virtues of Stoicism are: Wisdom Justice Courage Temperance If you’re about to do a thing, you ask yourself: Am I being Wise? Am I being Just? Am I being Courageous? Am I being Temperate? But, none of these words have ever really meant much for me.
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