Aubrey Portwood

Planning on upgrading to Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One

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I found out that all students now get a free copy of Windows 7 Professional. So, I’m planning on upgrading to Windows 7. I’ve done some research on the web (the best I could), and it seems Windows 7 works fine on this low-end netbook.

But, I am wondering if it’s really something I should do…I mean, I don’t really have a reason other than just having the newest OS on my netbook. Plus, I heard it has some neat features and I like Aero. But, I really don’t have any really good reason.

But, none the less I will be clicking ‘upgrade’ at some point today or this week. I will post an update as to how well the upgrade went and some of the reasons I will discover when I boot up Windows 7.

Hopefully I will be happy with my impulsive upgrade decision.