Aubrey Portwood

R.I.P. Enjifi?

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It’s been, what, less than a month since I launched Enjfi. It was really more of an experiment that didn’t really yield what I had expected. The idea was to move all my “hacks, tips, and tricks” to a separate ad-supported site. But, I haven’t really pulled out any real income from it. Part of it is it’s lack of activity. I am really busy with other things, and haven’t really been super-active with the site. Yeah, I hack things, but the hacks are far and few between; sometimes there is a week full of hacks, then there are a few quite weeks.

But, I’m not trying to get let down by Enjifi. It’s still a good idea, but I think I need to re-think it a bit. So, I may be moving the posts from Enjifi back to my site here (unless I find I should keep going with Enjifi).

I actually made some money from it, but the only time I had really made any money was when I talked about some gossip-y stuff from the web (like Mark Zuckerbergs “pissed” photo on Google+). I had thought twice about posting a post like that, because I didn’t want the site to be about that kind of thing. But, I gave it a shot and I quadrupled my hits! I thought about trying it again, but, it just isn’t in my to make Enjifi a drama-blog. But, that success, didn’t even bring much in…

Again, Enifi was really an experiment. And, I admit, I was a little too optimistic about it, I guess. Plus, it’s hard to keep active with jobs and school. But, it was a good run I guess. I am still going to keep the projects (like my gVim, etc). But, it may just end up here on racqnhack! I think Enjifi may be something for later. I still want to hack things and share it with people- that’s definitely a passion for me. But, we may just keep it all here for now…