Aubrey Portwood

Simple little truths.

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Sure, there is the incomprehensible truth out there. Religions, scientists and philosophies try to encounter the great truth in different ways, but with the same attitude. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think it may drive even the most intelligent or devout person a little crazy.

My own religion is becoming more and more simple…out of necessity. The other day I spent a few hours trying to imagine (or figure out) the 4th (and 5th?) dimension. Last night I was reading about Gotama, trying to understand the lack of self, and the difference between consciousness, and how it works with karma.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with man’s own effort to “try” and understand this lovely world around us. It’s a beautiful art.

But… That, I think, is not the ultimate goal of religion, science, or philosophy. Sure, they endeavor on their own practice with fervor and we find grande magnificent things; but, we also find small simple things. Yeah, there’s that big TRUTH out there, but there are also very simple truths out there too. Sure, you can spend your life trying to find the big-guy, but don’t forget the most powerful things can actually be found in the little guys, the simple truths. Like, for instance, pain is desired over pleasure. It’s a fact, not much to discern about that one. Or, what about life being desired over death?

Furthermore, how the hell do we even know what to do in this world? Very simple truths- they’re powerful. Like love, joy, and ecstasy. Or, hate, fear and aggression. We have an arsenal of very simple truths- some we don’t even really understand under the great umbrella, but they work.

And the best you can do is go on your own experience with all of them, because the most powerful one of all is that we are graced with the ability to experience things like pain, pleasure, hate, fear…we experience them the same in many ways.

So treat other’s the way you would want to be treated.

Simple truths…funny how they, with the right perspective, can trump that great TRUTH when it comes to actually living.