So, the last few weeks I’ve had a thing happen since switching to a MacBook Air recently. Since the CPU is not up to snuff as my old MacBook Pro (more to come on this switch later ⌨️), Sublime Text would hang for about a second on save of a file in a large project.

This likely went un-notice on my 2.7Ghz MacBook Pro, but started to notice it on my Air. Turns out it was because Sublime was indexing all the various node_modules/** in all the various folders it was in, on save.

So I had to figure out a way to not index files, yet leave them in my sidebar (I want them there).

According to this to tell Sublime not to index a file, yet leave it in the Sidebar you have to adjust binary_file_patterns in your user settings, like so:


And, this, so far, has turned out to be right. And, as you can see, I’ve included a few other patters I don’t care for Sublime to index. I only want Sublime indexing for Goto Definition stuff anyways.

I also don’t have anything for index_exclude_patterns since they are already in the binary_file_patterns above.