Aubrey Portwood

Summer, so far.

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My blogs are usually these little lump-sum updates about a certain season, I promise to be more punctual and try to avoid these in the future.

The New Job

The new job over at the HR department here at NMSU will be finally getting off starting next week. I’ve been there three weeks really just getting things set up and absorbing the information they gave to me when I got there. The direction on the project started off poor, but after a few meetings with a few people, I finally have some direction, which is good.

I have my own office, which is something new. I have had my own office before, way back when I used to work for the CS department at NMSU. But, I haven’t had one since. It’s nice to be able to work without feeling like you’re being watched all the time, in my own space, that I can do whatever with.

The Car

I finally got a car. Yeah, for you people with wheels that may not seem like a big deal, but I have been living the life of a teenager without a car for the last couple years.