Add Show / Hide Hidden Files Menu in OS X

Finder View of Hidden Files

If you’re like me you work with those (dot) folders and files quite often, but don’t really enjoy the clutter. Plus, you’re probably going to mess with them in Terminal most of the time.

We can use Automator (an app build into your Mac) to create a new Service and add Run Shell Script with the following code (make sure and save it) that will add a Menu item to the application’s menu (right next to the Apple logo). Just navigate to Services sub-menu.

Automator Setup

Where it's located when you save...

You can also add a quick Keyboard Shortcut to it by going to your Keyboard Preferences > Shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut

How to Open iTerm/Terminal in Finder’s Current Folder (Mavericks)

How to open a folder in iTerm

It’s pretty simple, right? This works for most things by the way, I use this to open a folder in Sublime Text as a project as well. It does require iTerm (replacement for default Terminal), and that, of course, it be in your dock.