Aubrey Portwood

Tennis Elbow & Coaching Opportunities

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Ouch, my elbow hurts! Aubrey Island hitting a forhand, where it hurts.I have had to deal with injuries before, especially elbow injuries, and they are no fun. The other day I change some motions with my serve, which in the past have provided the same result: injury. (So, I’m just going to stick with my normal serve.) Me and Ashley had a mixed doubles match today, and I couldn’t even make it through three games before I had to sit out and ice my arm. It’s summer, this is supposed to be my chance to play some tennis and get better! But, this probably means  I am going to have to take a break from tennis and let my arm heal. One thing I’ve learned about injuries is to take the time to let them fully heal.

But, among other news, I was informed at our mixed doubles match that there is a middle school coaching opportunity available for August – October. I know it’s nothing super-special, but I’ve always wanted to play a part in the tennis community, especially with coaching. In the past I have had the opportunity, but since I didn’t have a car (I do now), and there was traveling, it really didn’t fit into my schedule. This coaching opportunity though is just two days a week, with no travel out of town. I love coaching tennis, I love tennis being a part of my life and I may have an opportunity to recreate that for others. I was told I would be immediately accepted to do the job, so I just really have to think about it and make sure it will work with school. If it does, I probably will take it.