Aubrey Portwood

TeraCopy (Preparing to Copy) on Windows 7

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Windows 7 Needs to adjust their copy tool.

Windows 7 Copy Doomsday Message!

Okay, my backup plan is going sour because of Windows 7 today. But, Teracopy (portable), a sweet little app, is making copying a large archive of files (via a Windows 7 library, too!) pretty easy. I just did a ‘Select All’ in my ‘Archive’ library, drag to Teracopy, click Copy to and watch them copy (no Preparing to Copy/Discovering Items). Then, I’ll delete the old files in the Archive library.

Thanks Teracopy!

What took 20 minutes to “prepare” using Windows 7 copy routine, I’ve already copied 1/2 of my 14gb of files. (Smile)