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Thanksgiving Break, 2010; Enjifi

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Well, I didn’t end up going camping like I had planned. But, it’s been alright, although I still wish I had more time to go camping. But, I will be heading up to Albuquerque tomorrow, so camping will just have to wait. But, I have been spending a lot of time at home on the computer. Contrary to the idea I had that break was going to get me off the computer, I’ve been on it re-organizing. At work/school, I just don’t have the time to do what I have been doing the last couple of days: re-arranging my music library, brainstorming, “un-scheduling” (which is scheduling things other than work or school), doing personal backups, filtering emails, etc. I’m afraid I am not going to get off this thing unless I force myself.

I also bought a Gamecube. I’m not one for gaming, but three or so years ago someone gave me a Gamecube and it had just one game, Monkey Ball. I don’t remember what happened to it, but Gamestop said they were selling them for $30, so I grabbed a console and Monkey Ball 2. And, I love that game! So, I guess I have been wasting some time too, which is a good thing on break.

Ashley is going up in a hot air balloon this weekend, so I will be there for that. I also had a two-page paper I might knock out tonight. But, overall, my break is probably going to end too soon. I wish professors really took time to think about how they are ruining student’s breaks with homework. But, this break, I don’t have too much to complain about, although in the past I have.

I’ve also had time to sit down and use this new whiteboard I installed in my office at home. I’ve been using to to re-think, really over-think, some of my projects. When I created this site, Enethrie, I created it so I could be a little more loose, a little more expressive. I have graduation coming up soon and employers are going to be Googling me like crazy. It’s not like I want to hide anything, but when they do Google me, I don’t want them bombarded by my usual random rand. And so, I’ve been re-thinking a lot of my projects, coming up with new names for them, and places for them. One of them will be Enjifi. On the web, I’m known for my freelance, which usually goes titled under my name. But, in order to keep my name clean from irrelevant blemishes, I’ve also re-named my freelancing venture to Enjifi.

Last Names

One last thing I’ve been trying to tackle this break is the final decision on my last name. On the web I’m known as Aubrey Island, a pen name that stuck with clients and friends. I have considered just changing my last name to Island, but my family name, King, has also been considered. When I graduate, I would like to have the name I decide on, on the diploma. Today, I am leaning a little more towards Aubrey King, but nothing is final.