Aubrey Portwood

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Dell Dimension 4400 w/ RAM Upgrade from 256mb to 512mb

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I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on an old Dell Dimension 4400 for a friend of mine at work. They had Windows XP, but lost it due to a virus and and lost the key. Being the cool Linux guy that I am, I opted for a legal (more interesting) option: Linux.

Now, what I am writing this post about is the immense difference between performance from 256mb of RAM the computer came with, and the upgrade to 512mb I gave them; incredible! I am really impressed with how Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is running on this old Dell. It just might convince me to try Ubuntu yet again! Plus, I am getting a sneak peak at all the new things in the OS, fonts for one I am impressed with for once and the theme is brilliant!