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Update: Fall 2009

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So, Fall 2009 has began–begun–has begun! Looking back on my previous post, I’d have to say my semester has actually started off rather well. I love all my classes, even though I had to drop out of Sports Psychology (sad face). But, I am feeling my switch to CS, it’s hitting home that I may be okay with the switch after all; it’s nice to be in class and feel like I know what I am doing for a change.

Classes I’m taking:

  • Astronomy 105
  • Life in the Universe
  • Object Oriented Programming (C Programming)
  • Journalism 105 (Media in Society)
  • Psychology in Sports

I know, not much CS in there, but when I signed up for classes I wasn’t sure if CS was going to be a good move, and I wanted to ease in. Next semester (and all remaining semesters) will be loaded with CS and Math!

Why journalism? Being a web designer I wanted to take classes that would help compliment web-design. They have web-design classes here, but they are geared more towards design, not programming, not web-applications, etc. So, the Journalism class will help compliment the  media/writing aspect.

Why astronomy classes? Well, basically, because I can’t manage to pass biology! I mean it, I have tried super-duper hard to pass that class and it just wasn’t happening for me and astronomy is the next class in line for my science requirements. Plus, I am very interested in astronomy! The worst part of the classes is sitting around and noticing how chill all the Astronomy teachers are, maybe I should be an astronomer?

But, so far, I have no complaints, it’s been fun and familiar…