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Use GQueues to curb Information Guilt (Alternatives to Evernote, Instapaper & Remember anything!)

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GQueues Task Manager; Information Guilt

So, as I have mentioned before, GQueues is one of my favorite online tools for remembering things, tasks, and lists. Though it is task manager, it is it’s power with lists (queues) and remembering things that makes it really powerful for me. Though I do use Gqueues to complete many tasks a day, and organize them, I also use it to curb information guilt.

Information guilt is that feeling you have when you’re at work, you have about twenty tasks to get done, and you just found out Facebook is announcing video chat. So, we choose not to watch it, and continue to not to consume all the cool and informative things we find throughout the day. Information guilt personally affects my focus and, given enough of it, makes the day a lot longer. But, since I started using Gqueues as a way to remembering these things, I’ve been more productive and I haven’t been forgetting those cool or important things I find on the web throughout my day or week.

As you can see, I have an Information Guilt queue (list). I use Google Chrome, so I installed an extension that allows me to add items to my Information Guilt queue. I select “From Web Page” and click “Create Tasks” and Facebook’s Video Chat announcement is safely saved away so I can watch it later. Now I can focus on my work knowing I can read/watch it later!


It even works on my Android Phone! They have a mobile version of their website which, even when offline, allows you to add items to your queues/lists. This works great on the run!


If you’re like me, and schedule everything, make sure and schedule time to get your information guilt fix. Typically I allot some time in the evening to consume my daily collected guilt. If you don’t plan time, and your information guilt queue gets too full, it could turn around and be as troublesome and turn into information guilt itself. This doesn’t work unless you actually plan time to check out what you’ve saved. If items in your queue are a week or two old, delete them! You won’t watch them…I never did.