Aubrey Portwood

Voxer; I’ve been missing out!

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So, my friend has been ranting about Voxer for some time, and I haven’t ever really gave it a shot. Not sure why, just never did. Well, now that I have, I hope I never have to send a text again.

I hate texting…yes…and just on the phone. Typing on those damn small keyboards are just so hard to do, even with Swipe! But, with Voxer I can have an at-my-own-pace conversation with someone with time to think in between exchanges! It’s the beauty of text without the thumb workout.

Anyways, I recommend you give it a try; it’s awesome!

What is Voxer?

Okay, so you probably don’t even know what it is. What Voxer is- is a way to send messages to your contacts in the form of audio. What you’ll do is one of two things: 1) you will have Voxer open with a friend and hold down a button a talk (walkie-talkie style) and it sends as you speak, your friend will be hearing what you say, no send, just talk. If you don’t close out your friend will vox you back and you will hear him/her as they talk right back. Think walkie-talkie. Or, 2) you will close out your app and get a notification that someone voxed you and you can click on it and see what they said and start voxing them back, all with your voice!

Check out Voxer