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Working on an HTML/Offline Version of Google’s Newly Open Sourced 20thingsilearned (20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web)

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So today I checked out the newly open sourced 20thingsilearned, the code to 20 Things I I just wanted to give it a look over and see if I could get it into some kind of format that I could use to create my own. I checked out the svn (I even setup a virtual machine with Linux so that I could do the svn checkout; I will be posting the screencast later!), but it is powered by the Google App Engine. So, I hacked away this afternoon and have a semi-working offline-able copy of 20thingsilearned (the only problem, so far, is the very first page).

I am going to keep working on it and turning it into something non-App Engine powered (good ‘ol HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) so we can all play with it and do new things. I am going to, at some point (I mentioned I just started with svn) host this on Google Code, especially when I get it matured. But, since I’m not a selfish horder…

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Here ya go!

You can demo the latest code here.

[Enjifi – June 29th 2011 – 20thingsilearned – Offline Version] (zip)

Keep up to date on this by following 20thingsilearned.