Today I had a lot of fun building a new site for using Hugo and Github Pages.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on a website, let alone write content for one. In fact, I used to have a pretty nice site, but I never kept up with it, and eventually just redirected it to Twitter. I also tried out to try and publish content, but I found I didn’t really use it a lot.

The kind of site I’ve always wanted is just a simple one: a bit about who I am with links to all the things you can use to find out more about me. Content is sort of a meh—I’d rather be coding :)—and I usually blog over @WebDevStudios anyways.

Really, this isn’t even a blog, the only reason I enabled posts is so I could post updates every once in a while… and maybe content… but don’t hold your breath, I mostly post on Twitter.


I’ve always wanted a dead-simple site, I also want a site that is totally under version control (content and all). WordPress doesn’t do that, Hugo does. Plus, it was fun to learn and use something new, and was much easier than (but similar enought to) Jekyll to setup. I would hightly recommend it!

This site is going to be much easier to maintain and deploy than a WordPress one. Also, I could write in Markdown natively, which felt warm-and-fuzzy.