My name is Aubrey

I am a traditional 💀 Stoic, Dad of 2 Girls 👧👧, Athlete 🎾, and Developer 👨🏻💻 @WebDevStudios.

My personality type can be summarize by checking out an Enneagram 1️⃣ or INTJ-T

At Work 👨🏻💻

I am a Senior Backend (though I consider myself a fullstack) Developer/Engineer @WebDevStudios and I've been there for 6 years now.

Why WordPress?

You can ready some history about why here and here.

Stoicism 💀

Stoicism is my Religion as well as my Philosophy.

I have been a Stoic since 2016, when I stumbled on an Internet Article about it because Buddhism wasn't really working for me, and have since been a Prokopton and consider myself intermediately skilled in Stoicism.

Around 2018, I decided I wanted to be a traditional (vs. a neo) Stoic, and I am currently planning on attending The College of Stoic Philosophers in 2021.

If you want to know more about my journey as a Stoic, follow me on Twitter where I post anything I write about it.

Some Random Facts

  • Tabs > Spaces

  • Not a Dog/Cat person

  • Glamping > Camping

  • I believe Everything is God (see Pantheism)

  • I wear the same 8 grey shirts everyday (see Minimalism)

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